According to research and clinical trial reports, there is clear anecdotal evidence that the cannabis plant’s potential for treatment is high. Unfortunately, the Federal Government still considers it to be a controlled substance. It even means there is still a need for wide clinical studies.

Due to pubic demand, all the state in the US has approved medical marijuana. Even MMJ programs [Medical marijuana] are implemented. Patients with certain medical conditions need to qualify for getting their MMJ card approved. Many states have approved adult use of marijuana for recreational purposes. So, do people living in legal states apply for the MMJ cards?

Reasons to apply for MMJ program even if you reside in a fully legal state

Potency limit

It was assumed that MMJ patients need more strong cannabis products than recreational users. Recent studies reported that in dosing cannabis ‘Less is More’, especially THC.

To buy more strong marijuana, MMJ card is a great alternative!

Recreational dispensaries sell cannabis products with low potency. Besides, MMJ cardholders gain access to CBD-dominant strains. Always buy your products from the CBD store like They offer genuine hemp-based cannabidiol with negligible THC. It has the potential to treat medical conditions without inducing the ‘high’. CBD is reported to have the following properties –

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Antipsychotic
  • Anti-anxiety
  • Anti-carcinogenic


The age of buying medical or recreational weed in a fully legal state is more than 21. The card can be attained, the moment you turn 18 in several states. In a few MMJ states, minors can access weeds, but need to be accompanied by their legal guardian or a parent. As a minor, the herb cannot be legally obtained for recreational use.

Access and availability

In all the states, MMJ cardholders can use or carry weeds. In the states where recreational marijuana is illegal, you can get subjected to imprisonment or penalties. MMJ cardholders can walk in any recreational head shop to buy their herbs, but a recreational user cannot buy the weeds from a licensed marijuana dispensary.

Some dispensaries serve both kinds of users. Such dispensaries are great than the recreational-only ones because medical queries get resolved. The staff is well-trained for selling medical marijuana.

MMJ cardholders can use a caregiver to buy, possess as well as grow weeds on their behalf. However, there are some limitations to who is eligible to be a caregiver. MMJ card protects you from the law until you are within the state. Remember to carry your MMJ card, all the time!

Cost and quality

Quality is a notable difference you will find in medicinal and recreational weeds. The way weeds get cultivated, harvested, and processed determines the purpose of its use. Medical purpose weeds get cultivated in a strictly controlled environment. The testing for pesticides is also thorough as the herb is for patient’s consumption.

Nobody wishes to ingest an unsafe bud because weeds grown for recreational purposes get less cared for. So, medical marijuana products are clean and pure!

The products sold at medical marijuana dispensaries get sold at discount prices to MMJ cardholders. Recreational users have to pay extra charges against retail marijuana tax and excise duty.

Applying for the MMJ program is worth it!