Chandelier buying is not a hard process, but needs a little consideration. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to buy your first or a second chandelier. Everyone is aware of the elegance and grandeur of the chandeliers. They can add a wow factor to every space including the dining room, bedroom, kitchen, or living room. It is the center of focus and adds a touch of drama.

Visit to look at the plethora of options available. There are numerous styles, shapes, and sizes to choose from. It can make your choice process a bit challenging. However, it is an exciting endeavor, which gives you a chance to learn many things about chandeliers before you buy one.

Chandelier size

The size you select will determine the final look of your interior space. For wide-open space large ones are perfect. You can even choose to buy several small chandeliers rather than a single large one for the roomy space. The size has to be in proportion to the room.

In a 12’x12’ dining room an 18”x24” unit is sufficient. In the entry hall with minimal furniture and high ceiling, you can opt for a 2- or 3-feet wide chandelier. The proportion varies by style. A chandelier with a large diameter will hang down more than one with a small diameter.

Ceiling height

Room with high ceilings is ideal for chandeliers that hang low or dropdown. Even consider the amount of light entering the room. Chandeliers with bare bulbs or crystals need to be installed high up to avoid undesirable glare and reflections.

Material & finish

You will find a variety of material options including metal, iron, brass, and crystals. Choose a material that complements the theme of the room including the windows, furniture, and wallpaper. It should also blend with the other light fixtures in the room.

Will it need support?

Many chandeliers, especially the crystal ones are heavy. If the weight is 15+ pounds then you will need a special electric box. You will also need special mounting hardware which the manufacturer will supply with it.

How far must it hang?

The chandelier should hand low enough to supply good light but has to be sufficiently high to avoid hurting people’s heads. It should not be lower than 7 feet above the flooring. If the foyer is tall, it can be more than 10 feet overhead. Install a chandelier 30” to 36” above the dining tabletop, which is a comfy height for the majority of homeowners.


Chandelier needs regular cleaning to lengthen its quality. Just like other decorative furniture, chandeliers also attract a lot of dust. The fixture is large and includes intricate designs, which hold more dust, but is hard to clean.

Busy homeowners must choose a small chandelier with a simple design rather than a large one. It is not logical to spend hundreds on a chandelier that you hardly have time to clean. If you have the budget, then hire chandelier maintenance professionals for regular cleaning.

Chandelier prices differ, so filter your options and look for the ones within your budget. A big-budget means a large collection to browse through. The ultimate decision is your preference and needs.