Though it is tough to discern all the therapeutic benefits of CBD, various sources mainly anecdotal report suggest that it is quite beneficial in maintaining overall health. Especially, when you are a health enthusiast and love to maintain an active lifestyle, it is worth trying to add CBD to your daily supplements. However, before that understand certain points to make sure what you buy and why you buy.

What Can CBD Help With In Active Lifestyle?

When we talk about people with active lifestyle or athletes and sportsperson, we are quite aware with certain problems they face on daily basis. Issues like muscle and joint inflammation, pain, stress, micro tears of tissues, sleeping problems etc. are very common. Highly productive activities also make your body worn out faster. It is not uncommon to try out energy booster formulas with minimum or no side effects.

Nowadays, you can find many types of CBD products in the market, but you can simply buy CBD oil from a reliable store with a third-party lab test report. JUST CBD is one such store, which has both experience and good quality CBD products with many trusted reviews. All of their CBD is extracted from organically grown hemp in USA. They also have 2 weeks free return policy.

Tips to Remember When Including CBD in Your Daily Routine

  • First and foremost, CBD may be legal in most of the countries, but THC is not. Always check the percentage of THC present in the product you are buying and at the same time conform with law of the country you are residing.
  • Never believe in the false and grandiose claims of the marketing companies. It is not a cure for any kind of disease and may only be sold as supplement.
  • Make sure you are comfortable with the form of CBD you use and start from a considerably low dose and go higher as necessary.
  • Buy a genuine product with proper labelling. A proper label will inform you about all the ingredients of the product and the quantity of CBD content in it.
  • CBD can be taken in various forms, namely by- smoking or vaping, ingestion, sublingually, topical application. Different forms may take different duration for taking effect.
  • Choose your product according to the use and convenience. When you are outside you would like to have something that is easy to consume and dosage is easy to administer. For instance, athletes and sportspersons find topical creams or pain relief solutions to be more convenient.
  • You can also make your own recipes and beverages with CBD edibles and oil.


Though THC percentage s relatively very less in CBD products, you can not negate the fact that there may be some side effects. Before taking any CBD product, consult your doctor to avoid drug interactions and allergic reactions.

Don’t take CBD before driving as you may feel drowsy. Specifically, for athletes and sportspersons it is necessary to get approval by the statutory body as CBD may be banned in certain sports.