Looking at the wonderful therapeutic benefits, and increasing demand in the market, CBD manufacturers are introducing CBD in several interesting forms. Talking about the topical products, you can get them in serums, oils, lotions, creams, salves, tinctures, and more.

These products are safe and highly penetrative. But there are a lot of people who are unsure about the effectiveness of these CBD products. JustCBD is one of the best places online where you can get premium-quality and tested CBD topicals. These products are available in various forms such as lotions, creams, balms, salves, tinctures, etc. Before you buy, make sure that you check out the CBD reviews online.

So, in this article, we will be discussing the working of CBD topicals and their benefits.

What are the available types of CBD topicals?

CBD Salves

This type of CBD is devoid of water. It is manufactured by adding CBD extract to an emulsifier and oil carrier. CBD topicals are popularly used for instant and lasting pain relief.

CBD Lotion

This is another form of a topical CBD product. It is a combination of a mixture of water, oil, an appropriate emulsifier, and CBD extract. With a large amount of oil in comparison to water, the CBD lotion has a thick consistency.

CBD Cream

CBD creams are manufactured by adding CBD extract to water, oil, and emulsifier. Unlike lotion, where the oil to water ratio is 7:2, it is 1:1 in the case of creams. Due to this reason, creams generally have a thinner consistency than lotion. The type of CBD topical that one chooses depends on their personal preference.

How does CBD Topical work in the body?

When you apply CBD topical product on the skin and rub for a few minutes, then it sinks into the deepest layer of the skin. It works on the CB1 And CB2 receptors of the ECS system to provide the desired relief. Though CBD present in the topicals doesn’t bind itself to the cannabinoid receptor, it impacts the body functions via indirect actions.

It has been seen that CBD activates TRPV1 receptors that regulate body temperature, inflammation, and pain in the body. Furthermore, it restricts inhibits Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase that stimulates the secretion of endocannabinoids that leads to a feel-good sensation in the person.

Benefits Of Applying CBD Topicals On The Skin

Having learned the working of CBD topicals, now let us in what ways can CBD benefit a person.

  • CBD topicals offer treating musculoskeletal benefits and provide targeted pain relief to a person.
  • These products are also helpful in the treatment of medical conditions such as arthritis. It helps provide pain relief in areas such as joints, knees, etc.
  • CBD also possesses incredible anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that make it helpful in the management of skin ailments such as eczema, and psoriasis.
  • CBD is hydrating in nature. The high levels of antioxidants in it keeps the skin moisturized, young and healthy naturally.


CBD seems to be the recent trend in the skin and health care industry. Due to its purported anti-inflammatory and musculoskeletal benefits, you can now find this compound in a wide range of oral and topical forms.

Topical CBD is a good bet for those who do not wish to ingest it. When applied for just a few minutes it relaxes muscles and offers remarkable pain relief in the joints.