Parkinson’s disease was first discovered by the physician James Parkinson. This disease is associated with symptoms such as shaking hands, muscle stiffening, inability to maintain balance over the years, and eventually results in slowing down of physical movements and activities for the patients.

With the help of LifetimeVibe’s whole-body vibration machine, it can become easier for patients to control the tremors that are caused by Parkinson’s disease. LifetimeVibe is a whole body vibration machine that is an exercise machine. It can be used several times a day to help alleviate the symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease, along with the symptoms from many other disorders. Studies have shown successful results after using vibration machines. You can learn more about how whole-body vibration therapy can help Parkinson’s patients by visiting the official webpage of Lifetime Vibe.

Effects of Parkinson’s disease 

Over the progression of Parkinson’s disease, the patient’s symptoms will continue to increase and worsen until finally the disease affects brain cells. Parkinson’s disease will affect control and coordination of the muscles, and as a result, the sufferer will experience depression, fatigue in both mental and physical health, and other such issues.


The suggested treatment for Parkinson’s disease varies from one individual to another. The patients at the initial stages of the disease are suggested to follow exercises and psychotherapy sessions. The patients that are in the further stages of the disease are suggested to undergo surgery or medicinal therapy, based on the severity of their condition.

Parkinson’s disease can be treated gradually with the help of the right kind of food, physical and psychological support from family and friends, rest, and as much relaxation as possible.

Whole-body vibration treatment 

Parkinson’s disease is associated with whole-body tremors.  Whole-body vibration exercise therapies will focus on strengthening the body’s muscles. The continuous usage of whole-body vibration machines at regular time intervals can successfully engage and create a healthy buildup of muscles, along with improvement in many other body functions, such as blood circulation, the ability of the patients to carry on with their daily routines, and so on.

Whole-body vibrating machines are designed with the focus of targeting all of the body’s muscles, including the muscles that have suffered the impact of Parkinson’s disease. These machines will perform 30 to 50 vibrations per minute. Every vibration will be in a controlled manner, and each vibration triggers a muscular response in the body, which is how muscles can rebuild over time when using the machine regularly. The suggested usage of Lifetime Vibe vibrating machines is around 3 times per day. The time intervals between usage of the machine should be divided equally so that there is no extra stress or strain on the body.

If you or one of your dear ones is suffering from Parkinson’s disease, then you can look more into purchasing this machine from LifetimeVibe to help improve the patient’s recovery time and health.