No matter how you serve scalloped potatoes topped with breadcrumbs or cream sauce, smooth spuds are rich and delicious thanks to contrasting textures and flavors. However, some foods can complement scalloped potato dishes. They don’t need to be a stark contrast to the dish but provide a unique flavor that balances and enhances the dish. While traditional foods are great accompaniments for potatoes, it is possible to experiment with different food pairings.

Traditional Meals With Scalloped Potatoes

A potato and ham dish casserole is an easy one-dish recipe that is always a crowd favorite. The traditional way to prepare scalloped potatoes is to slice them thinly and bake them in rich cream sauce. Topped with shredded cheese, this casserole also includes diced ham. The rich cream sauce made with cheesy potatoes is balanced by the saltiness of the Ham, creating a whole meal that doesn’t require extra cleanup.

If you are looking for something more regionally inspired, the Southern classic of salty ham, slow-cooked collards, and scalloped potato has been around for centuries. The flavors contrast but complement each other with similar richness. As classic as the traditional holiday meal of roast beef and lamb with asparagus and scalloped potato, the richness of the meat gives the potatoes a contrasting umami flavor. The bitterness of asparagus makes each bite of the potatoes even more delicious.

Weeknight And Weekend Meals With Scalloped Potatoes

You can pair scalloped potatoes with any meat, but it is best with beef because of its mild flavor. The potatoes can be paired with spicy sausages made with beef or turkey or steak, with salt and pepper, for quick meals during the week and meatloaf at the weekend.

Side Dishes

A crisp green salad, tossed in a vinaigrette with vinegar or crunchy coleslaw mixed with vinegar, will give you relief from the potato richness. A similar role is played by broccoli or green beans, which are cooked to a crisp-tender stage. A fruit salad or strawberry or apple slices can be added to any green salad to add some sweetness.

Spices And Herbs To Make Cheesy Potatoes

Think of traditional potato flavors when you add ingredients for the scalloped potatoes or to other dishes on your menu. For example, you can sprinkle chopped chives on the potatoes or add them to a side dish of green salad. A mushroom side dish can be prepared with lots of rosemary and garlic. These ingredients are common to accompany potatoes. You can also add nutmeg to the cream sauce or thyme, or try different cheeses, such as Gruyere or Swiss cheese.

How To Make Perfect Scalloped Potatoes?

Cut the potatoes in half to ensure that the scalloped potatoes cook evenly

To speed up the job, use a mandoline (a 25 mandoline such as this does an excellent job and will save you a lot of time).

A Roux forms the basis for a Creamy Sauce. A roux is simply a way to cook fat (in this instance butter) and flour, and then add liquid to create a sauce.

You can add cheese into the sauce, which will make them into Potatoes and Au-Gratin.

The potatoes are seasoned with salt and pepper in between layers.

While it bakes, cover it with foil. This allows the potatoes to steam a bit quicker.


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