Damage, compression, or inflammation of nerves that branch from a collection of peripheral nerve roots that emerge from the bottom of the spinal cord may cause changes in feeling and a numb vagina. The cauda equina is the name for this group of nerves. The cauda equina and its nerve roots are critical in giving innervation to the lower body, which includes sensation, movement, and function of the primary organs of the lower body, including reproductive functions.

One of these many branches is the pudendal nerve. The penis, clitoris, and much of the skin in the genital region are all innervated by this nerve (also called the perineum). The most common cause of isolated genital numbness is damage to or injury to this nerve.

Because genital numbness may be a difficult illness, it is essential to schedule an appointment with your healthcare professional to get the proper diagnosis and treatment. The following are some of the most common reasons for vaginal numbness:


Direct traumatic damage to the pelvis may occur in both high-impact events such as car or motorcycle accidents and low-impact situations such as falls in the elderly or feeble. Multiple components of the pelvic region, from bones to muscles, arteries to nerves, might be injured as a consequence of such severe events. In addition to numbness in the genital region, persons with high-trauma pelvic injuries may also have back discomfort, loss of bladder function or control, loss of lower reflexes, weakness, and numbness in other body areas. This is a medical emergency that demands immediate medical care.


The following are some of the possible causes of genital numbness caused by compression.

Mechanical: Anatomical issues with the way the spine interacts with the nerves in the lower body may cause compression, which can cause numbness sensations. A herniated disc, for example, or diseases like spinal stenosis (where bumps develop in the vertebrae), may push on or pinch nerves as they escape. External factors might also cause mechanical problems. Long-term cycling, for example, may cause compression of the pudendal nerve and its roots in males, resulting in localized numbness and impotence.

Cancer: Tumors that develop or invade the lower spine, whether benign or malignant, may compress the nerves in this location, causing the symptoms described above.


The following are examples of inflammatory causes of genital numbness.

• Infectious: The nerves of the cauda equina roots may be damaged or irritated by a variety of infections, both viral and bacterial. These viral causes may directly impact nerves or generate spinal abscesses, which can cause inflammation.

Immune-mediated: Many inflammatory disorders that force the body to fight itself may impact the nerves, causing injury and numbness. Autoimmune illnesses include multiple sclerosis and lupus.

This list is not intended to be medical advice and may not correctly reflect your situation.

When to treat numbness and tingling in the penis or vaginal area and how to do so

Because the nerves grow from roots near the spinal cord, symptoms of genital numbness should always be treated as a medical emergency.


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