According to WHO (World Health Organization), healthy is a state that includes all aspects of physical, mental, and social well-being. It does not only include the absence of disease or infirmity. A beautiful, healthy smile doesn’t just mean a clean mouth or no gum disease. It also means that the teeth are aligned correctly and there is no evidence of decay. Straightening and aligning teeth is crucial for our aesthetics and can help us maintain better oral hygiene. Oral treatment, whether it is conventional braces or clear alignments, can help reduce plaque buildup and make your smile more appealing.

The best body treatment is to have your smile corrected. Adult braces are something many people think about, but the heavy metal braces and wire traps that are used in traditional braces discourage them from trying them. It’s not the case anymore. Professionals have found better ways to give beautiful smiles to patients thanks to the advances in orthodontics technology. These clear, custom-made plastic aligners can be used to replace traditional braces. They’re the ideal choice for both teens and adults with image problems. Let’s find out why Byte makes a better choice for you than traditional braces.

Reasons To Choose Byte Over Braces

1. Traditional Adult Braces V/S Byte Braces

Conventional braces, which are bulky and heavy metal brackets attached to the tooth surface and connected with wires or elastics, are bulky, chunky braces. They are placed on the tooth surface and aligned. Many patients experience a sore mouth due to the wire component. If some of the loose metal strings are left unattached, they can cause ulcers or cuts. This causes severe discomfort for patients and makes them less pleasant. Byte braces are the solution to this problem. Clear aligners called Bytes can be customized to suit the mouth anatomy of each person. It does not contain any bulky wire elements. They are the removable tray part that allows patients to be fitted in the workplace. Byte aligners will not cause any sores or ulcers. They provide a gentle and comfortable orthodontic experience.

2. Nearly Invisible

Many patients put aesthetics ahead of everything. Byte braces helped to reduce this problem. They are clear, transparent aligners that do not show in the oral cavity. They can be taken off and used for up to 20 hours per day. They can be used by patients who want to keep others informed about ongoing dental treatment. Brackets are typically made of metal or ceramic. You can still see the wire. These wires can be seen through your teeth. This makes them look unattractive from the outside. Byte clear aligners pose no such problems. The aligners are perfect for fitting and virtually invisible.

3. Smart Track Technology

Traditional orthodontic appliances, also known as fixed braces, require professional assistance a minimum of twice per month. Byte aligners don’t have this problem. Byte alignments can be customized by 3D imaging technology. They also come in tray format. These aligners are very easy to use and do not require frequent professional help. The number of visits to the dentist’s office is reduced to one every two months. This makes them more convenient for patients. They require less attention and are suitable for patients who have many accountability responsibilities.

4. No Diet Changes

Conventional braces include a list of do’s and don’ts. Byte doesn’t have these restrictions. Your trays can be removed when you are ready for your meal. When you are done, rinse them and put them back on. This makes it so much easier and quicker for anyone to use. You don’t need to avoid your favourite foods, even during ongoing orthodontic treatment.

5. No Teeth Discolouration

Tooth discolouration after traditional orthodontic treatment is one of the most common problems. White spot lesion refers to teeth discolouration following orthodontic treatment. It is typically caused by plaque accumulation near the brackets. This is a major problem for professional patients. Byte doesn’t come with any attachments. They are removable appliances that do not attach to the teeth’ surface. Byte does not leave any visible discolouration or white spots.


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