This chronic illness can lead to a need to continue using alcohol even when it becomes problematic. This condition can lead to withdrawal symptoms that last for a long time after you have stopped using alcohol.

There are many options to treat an AUD. Your doctor can help determine the best treatment for you. There are many options available to you, including medication, detoxification, and relapse prevention training.

The Physical And Social Environment

To get the best treatment for your AUD, you should make an appointment with your physician at a rehab drugs center. You’ll be asked several questions by your doctor to establish the severity of your dependency. These questions can help them determine the best treatment options for you.

Your doctor or therapist might recommend one or more of the following options:

  • Detoxification
  • Medication

Relapse prevention training includes therapy and behavior modification

Many treatment plans include a detoxification plan to treat withdrawal symptoms following the cessation of drinking.

Detoxification can be done in an inpatient therapy facility or hospital. It usually takes about a week to complete. It is possible to have life-threatening symptoms such as withdrawal.

  • Shaking
  • Many things can cause confusion
  • Exercise
  • Agitation
  • Restlessness
  • Irritability
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Insomnia
  • Tachycardia – rapid heartbeat
  • Hallucinations
  • Convulsions

Treatment Benefits

The benefits of therapy include the ability to examine your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and ultimately, your AUD. Another benefit of therapy is:

  • Developing coping strategies for your dependency
  • You can freely express yourself without fear or judgment
  • Practicing self-awareness

How To Make Healthier Choices To Reduce Dependency?

Behavior Modification

Learn skills that will help you avoid alcohol addiction once you’re out of treatment.

Your doctor might refer you for counseling or some other type of treatment to help you develop these skills and cope with the situation.

Find Support Group

Support networks can be very helpful for people who are receiving treatment for AUD. A support group will help you to connect with others facing similar challenges. They can help you find support resources, answer your questions, and offer encouragement.

Remember that not everyone is a good candidate for support groups and some may not find it helpful.


You can treat AUD with a variety of medications. They include:

Naltrexone: This blocks a feeling of good in your brain that is caused by alcohol. These good feelings can make it less tempting to drink.

Acamprosate: This might help to combat alcohol cravings.

Disulfiram: This alcohol-sensitizing drug makes you sick if you consume alcohol. It can cause headaches, flushing, nausea, and flushing when taken with alcohol.

Naltrexone may be purchased as either an oral tablet, injection, or in an oral tablet form. Vivitrol is an injection form of the drug your doctor may give you once a month. This method may prove more reliable and easier than oral medication, especially if the pill is not being taken every day.

Longterm Outlook For Alcohol Abuse Disorder

AUD can cause variety of complications. It can also increase your risk of developing:

  • Heart disease
  • Many kinds of cancer can be found
  • Scarring of your liver, known cirrhosis
  • Inflammation or irritation of your stomach lining is known as gastritis
  • Dementia & other neurological disorders
  • Erectile dysfunction

Dependency is often accompanied by mood or mental health conditions such as anxiety or depression. For other conditions, you might need to get medical care.


Treating AUD might be a lifelong process. Although you may have relapses or temptations, this is perfectly normal. It’s normal to slip and fall off your path to sobriety.

Some people will recover from AUD after the first treatment. Others may require additional treatment. Your chances of success increase the more you try.


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