Even in , navigating the world of medical marijuana can be difficult. You must first understand where to obtain a certification, how to locate a licensed physician who can provide you with said certification, and how to apply for a medical cannabis card.

Don’t worry, the sanctuary is here to assist you! Here are four of our best recommendations for obtaining medical marijuana.

#1: Make certain you have a qualifying condition

To obtain a medical marijuana card, you must have a qualifying condition that has been approved by the state for treatment with medical marijuana. A licensed physician can only certify a medical marijuana patient if they have a qualifying condition, so make sure yours is on the list.

See the complete list of qualifying conditions in . If your condition is not on this list, don’t worry; the ADH may approve other conditions as well, but you must first make your case.

#2: Consult a reliable doctor

A written certification from a licensed physician is required before you can apply for a cannabis card. Following receipt of the certification, your physician must complete a form to be submitted with your application.

The Department of Health does not require doctors to obtain a special license in order to prescribe medical marijuana. You simply need to see a doctor who is licensed to practice.

Finding the right doctor can be difficult, but the sanctuary can assist. We can put you in touch with a licensed doctor who will assess your qualifying condition and provide you with the documentation you need to apply for your cannabis card.

#3: Verify all personal information

When applying for a cannabis card, it’s easy to misspell an address, make a typo in your birth date or social security number, or forget to check a box. However, these errors may cause your application to be delayed, causing you to wait longer than the usual 14 days for your card to be approved.

Before submitting your application, carefully read it and double-check that all of your information is correct.

#4: Keep in mind the program fee – How much does it cost to get medical card?

Some medical marijuana applicants obtain a doctor’s certification, complete all of the required forms, and are ready to submit when they discover one final problem: they forgot to pay the programme fee.

All you have to do after you pay and submit your documents is wait – and once approved, you can print your cannabis card and purchase medical marijuana at Doctors of Cannabis.

Contact the sanctuary if you require a cannabis card

Do you need assistance navigating the medical marijuana process? The sanctuary wellness institute provides evaluations from licensed medical marijuana doctors who can assess your qualifying condition and issue you the necessary certification to apply for a cannabis card.

To schedule your evaluation, please contact us right away. Our friendly staff is always available to answer any questions you may have.