Sleep disorders like sleep apnea have been a major health concern. The dangers of sleep apnea are finally being recognized by society. However, much must be done to recognize its dangers and treat them. CPAP is common treatment for sleep apnea.

During the night, patients wear a CPAP mask over their noses or noses. The masks are connected to a small machine via a hose. To keep the patient awake, the machine injects pressured air into their airways to open them.

Studies have shown that therapy for more than six hours per night can result in normal self-reported sleepiness and objectively measured daytime sleepiness. It also significantly improves daily functioning and memory. Many people don’t wear their masks because of multiple reasons. It’s often because the mask is uncomfortable to wear. It’s essential that your patient feels comfortable wearing their mask.

Here are three types of best CPAP mask you might recommend to your patients.

Nasal CPAP Mask

The nasal CPAP mask covers your patient’s nose from the bridge to the upper lips. The nasal mask provides indirect airflow to your patient’s airway and is ideal for patients who require higher pressure settings.

The nasal CPAP Mask offers many options for your patients and is a popular compromise between a heavy full-face CPAP mask and a lightweight nasal pillow.

The Pros Of A Nasal CPAP Mask

There are some pros to nasal CPAP masks:

  • Direct and natural airflow
  • For higher-pressure settings, nasal pillows work better than the ones you use.
  • Many styles can be used to suit almost every facial feature or structure.
  • It is a good sign if the patient can move around in their sleep or sleep on their side.

Nasal Pillows

Your patient will appreciate the compact, lightweight nasal pillows. They are designed to be in close contact with their skin. Because they are sensitive to airflow, they work best when prescribed with low-to-medium pressure settings.

The Pros Of Nasal Pillows

Some pros to nasal pillows include the following:

  • Patients may enjoy reading before bed or watching television. Regular CPAP masks might make this difficult. Nasal pillows offer more open vision than traditional nasal and full-face masks.
  • Because there is no coverage above the bridge of the nose, patients may still wear glasses while wearing nasal pillow masks.
  • Patients with Claustrophobia love nasal pillows because they provide light facial coverage and are very lightweight. These masks are lightweight and don’t touch the skin.
  • Because they direct air through the nasal passages, nasal pillows can reduce air leakage.
  • These are great for patients who have a mustache or beard.

Full-Face CPAP Mask

The full-face mask covers the entire face, not just the nose. The full face mask covers a greater area of the patient’s face, creating a CPAP seal that covers both airways. These masks may be not comfortable for some patients. However, they are the best solution for patients who require higher pressure or breathe through their mouths.

The Pros Of A Full Face CPAP Mask

Patients with difficulty breathing through their mouths will benefit from full-face CPAP masks. These masks are great for patients with frequent nasal congestion, allergies, or cold symptoms. Because they touch only the outside of their faces, patients with Claustrophobia prefer full-face masks. This is in contrast to nasal CPAP masks or nasal pillows that touch the bridge of the nose or upper lip and fit directly into the nostrils.

Because the mask’s surface area is larger, CPAP pressure settings can be adjusted to make it less harsh and tolerable for patients. These masks are great for people who sleep on their backs. This position allows for a better air seal than a full-face mask. Even restless sleepers can keep their mask in position with the straps and extra support.


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