Diamonds made from cannabis are one of today’s hottest products on dispensary shelves. These crystalline forms of high-potency cannabis isolates can provide users with as much as 99.9% CBD or THCA. The cannabis industry has long been a fan of weed diamonds.

Our guide to the latest cannabis concentrates is for you, whether you are a new user or an existing cannabis business. We address the most frequently asked questions regarding cannabis diamonds, starting with their potency and ending with how it is made.

What Are CBD And THCA Diamonds?

The industry’s fastest-growing product segment is cannabis diamonds. Like any cannabis concentrate, CBD and THCA can be smoked and vaporized to relieve various symptoms, including chronic pain. Once heated, the THCA crystals melt and turn into THC.

Weed Diamonds are named after their crystalline structures resembling that of diamond stones. Concentrated THCA or CBD products are pure white but can become amberish gold if terpenes (like in sauce and diamonds) are present. A variety of sizes of diamonds is available, ranging from tiny pieces to large chunks made up of cannabinoid crystallizes.

How Are Cannabis Diamonds Made?

THCA or CBD diamonds can also be created by using multiple methods. Because of their low boiling temperatures, light hydrocarbons such as butane and propane are used. This allows for the preservation of terpenes.

How THCA Diamonds Are Manufactured?

To make THCA, processors often use fresh-frozen cannabinoids to create the live resin. This extract material is used to create these crystalline concentrates. It is also possible to make diamonds out of cured cannabis. Live resin is high in terpenes due to the fact that its peak levels of terpenes were preserved after harvesting by freezing.

After extraction, a crude extract is purified without using a vacuum. The light purging process removes most of the residual butane. It takes time to create crystal structures. A separation process naturally creates diamonds and liquid Terpene Sauce. Processors might store their cannabinoid diamonds in a container. This will allow the process of diamond formation to begin.

How Do Cannabis Diamonds Work?

You can eat cannabis diamonds the same way as other concentrates. It is best to heat the diamonds using vaporization or smoking. Most people consume diamonds in a dab device. They heat the dab nails with a butane torch to heat them and then apply a “dab” (or a small amount) of diamonds to vaporize the nail.

CBD Diamonds and Sauce

CBD Diamonds can be described as a fun product Abundant Labs invented using our amazing isolate crystals soaked into hemp-derived THC “sauce.” CBD Diamonds are a popular product found in the cannabis marketplace, and they can also be called Diamonds and Sauce. This product delivers a concentrated explosion of vaporized hemp CBD and flavor-burst terpenes. The immediate effects are both pain relief and relaxation.

CBD Diamonds have a unique combination of CBD Diamonds (concentrated essential oils) and the CBD crystals extracted and purified from hemp plants. It can be described as a “deconstructed experience” similar to how restaurants break down complex dishes and present them in unique and creative ways. We are able to create custom sauces. They can range from hemp strain-specific Terpenes to essential oils or other natural flavors. Only imagination limits the possibilities.


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