You may be hesitant to get a sex toy for the first time, but you might be missing out on a lot of enjoyment. However, you must do your homework before purchasing and not simply jump in.

What Are The Best Materials To Use?

When purchasing a product that will come into touch with your genitals, it is critical to check that it is skin safe. This means germs can stay on the product and cause thrush. They also include phthalates, which are detrimental to children’s health and are banned from children’s toys.

Silicone, metal, and glass sex toys are all safe to use since they are non-porous and simple to clean. They also feel fantastic!

Glass and metal sex toys are okay to use with oil, water, and silicone lubricants, however, silicone lubricant cannot be used with a silicone sex toy. This is due to the silicone reacting, resulting in a sticky texture and a destroyed toy. Water and oil-based lubes are suitable with silicone sex toys.

Battery Operated Vs. Rechargeable

While both are useful, you should consider the advantages and disadvantages of rechargeable and battery-powered items.

Rechargeable sex toys are more ecologically friendly and work with most USB socket chargers, even the ones you use to charge your phone. They may be charged to your laptop or PC as well. These items are typically more expensive, so you may need to reconsider your budget.

Toys powered by batteries are equally as powerful as rechargeable toys, but you’ll have to keep buying batteries! Having said that, they are excellent entry-level goods with which to experiment.

What About Non-Vibrating Items?

Vibrations aren’t for everyone, but many individuals love using dildos for masturbation and sex play. Dildos, like vibrators, come in a variety of sizes, textures, and shapes to fit your preferences.

The Tantus Acute is an excellent beginner’s dildo since it has a modest curve to reach your G-Spot and is small in size. It also features a flared base, allowing it to be used as a strap-on in a harness, opening up unlimited possibilities for play!

There are also sex toys that protrude on their own, imitating sexual interaction. The collection from Bliss Vixen is ideal for people searching for something unusual, as well as those with limited dexterity, as they can be used hands-free. Consider the Bliss Vixen, which contains a vibrating clitoral stimulator for more pleasant feelings. Stronic Real is a new pulsator in the thinner Stronic family; the smaller size is ideal for use alone or with a partner.

Please keep in mind that these goods contain magnets and should not be used if you have a pacemaker.

Are Sex Toys Exclusive For Girls?

There is still some stigma attached to males using sex toys, but this is untrue, and there is a wide variety of male sex toys available on the market. Male sex toys, like feminine items, are available in vibrating and non-vibrating types and can be used for exterior stimulation or interior play.

Male masturbators are excellent first-time toys, whether used alone or with a partner. Although some have realistic looks, they provide altogether unique feelings felt during sex play. A Tenga Egg is a wonderful place to start because they cost less than a tenner!

Prostate stimulators are also beneficial since the prostate is the male G-Spot, also known as the P-Spot. Having orgasms through prostate play is also helpful to your health, as it helps to flush out pollutants and bacteria, potentially lowering your chance of contracting prostate cancer by 22%.