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2022 Guest Blogging Rules

  1. Send content in Google Docs (edit mode) or MS Word. No PDFs or other files are accepted.
  2. Article must be at least 550 words.
  3. Use headers, subheadings, bullet points, etc. to make your text scannable.
  4. Article must be creative, interesting, and distinctive. No filler. Also, don’t post it online.
  5. Your post’s title should be between 7-9 words.
  6. No spelling or grammatical problems in content
  7. Your article must have 2 blog links
  8. Guest bloggers must submit 4-5 high-quality pictures
  9. Images must be jpeg or png and unprotected.
  10. All authors must attach photos.
  11. Contributor must offer a 1200×628 banner picture.
  12. Add a conclusion to your piece.
  13. Guest posts should not contain irrelevant or affiliate links.
  14. You may include 1 organic link to your blog or website. Be natural.
  15. Once your content is published on our site, you cannot republish it. We’ll remove your post otherwise.
  16. No commercial pitches or press releases

Why You Should Blog For Us In 2022?

  1. Wide Visibility: Guest posts on our website gain wide exposure. Many specialized readers browse our blog.
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  3. Improve Business Authority: Writing a guest blog article for us will boost your online business authority.
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We Love:

  1. Fashion hacks, hints, and techniques
  2. Beauty, makeup, and skincare tips
  3. DIY hair care and styling
  4. Lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, holistic health and wellbeing, leisure, technology, travel suggestions, and unusual gift ideas

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